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Centenary Years 1912-2012

Harare Synod Mvano Update

Bulawayo hosted the Women's Guild 75 Years Celebration in August 2014. The Executive changed in the past four years and we have a new executive led by Mrs Zefa and has Mrs Malemelo Snr, Mrs Mwale, Mrs Botomani (Pastor's wives) then Mrs Manjengwa City Church and Mrs Sisya of Gweru completes the Executive for KKC. This year conference were held in Harare Presbytery for Harare and Gweru Presbyteries and for Highfield and Bulawayo Presbyteries it was held at Sizinda in Bulawayo.

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  • Prayer and Giving

    Let us pray for a prayerful and giving church. The HOLY SPIRIT to help us walk with Him at all times.
  • Women, Sunday School and Youths Conferences

    August is a month of National Conferences when every department take to a designated venue for annual conferences; Women in Bulawayo celebrating 75 years, Youths at Rock Haven a...