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4 New Presbyteries for Harare Synod

After some extensive research the Harare Synod Elective Assembly of May 2014 endorsed the proposals from Gweru Presbyteries to split into two Presbyteries to enhance efficiency in operations and annual audit process due to the distances that have to be covered by the audit team each year. The process which was adopted by Gweru Presbytery at its 2013 Assembly saw the birth of Bulawayo Presbytery. The Synod Assemble further encouraged Harare Presbytery to follow suit and during its Extra ordinary Meeting in the month of July paved way to Highfield Presbytery thus Harare and Highfield Presbytery make up the former Harare Presbytery and Gweru and Bulawayo Presbyteries make up the former Gweru Presbytery. Watch this space for more details coming soon on who is who in this new initiative. Let us commit the transition into prayer as the 4 Presbyteries will take off in real terms after the 2013/2014 Audit currently on its way having stated today.

HARARE PRESBYTERY REPORT (2013 Report Coming Soon watch this space for details)


1.      Date of establishment: August 1956

2.      Number of Congregations as at present: 14

3.      Congregations and Dates of Establishment


3.1.            Harare - 28 October 1944

3.2.            Highfield – August 1956

3.3.            Mutare – 10 February 1962

3.4.            Marondera – 17 February 1962

3.5.            Chinhoyi – 20 August 1962

3.6.            Bindura – in 1968

3.7.            Mabvuku – in 1987

3.8.            Mufakose – in 1988

3.9.            Kaori – in 1995

3.10.        Tafara – 9 March 2003

3.11.        Kuwadzana – in 2004

3.12.        Norton – 11 December 2005

3.13.        Zengeza – 16 December 2007.

3.14.    Rugare - 16 September 2012


4.      Serving Ministers as at present

4.1.            Rev JC Juma (Harare and Tafara)

4.2.            Rev. PE Chirongo (Mufakose and Rugare)

4.3.            Rev. AT Malemelo (Zengeza)

4.4.            Rev. RJ Gama (Norton & Highfield)

4.5.            Rev. Mindola (Marondera)

4.6.            Rev. Zefa(Mabvuku)

4.7.            Rev. L. Boloma ( Kuwadzana)

4.8.      Rev A Galanti (Mutare)


5.      Serving Evangelists as at Present

List will be updated soon!


6.      The Present Presbytery Committee

6.1.            Chairman – Rev AT Malemelo

6.2.            Secretary – Rev. K Chipata

6.3.            Committee – Rev, JC Juma; Evg. Chilamba and L John

6.4.            Elders: Beaton and Mbewe 


7.      Yearly Programmes Fulfillment

7.1.            Pulpit Exchange Programme: This involves Ministers, Evangelists and Elders

7.2.            Auditing of Books in Congregations: This takes place at the end of each Financial Year. Our Financial year starts on the 1st of July and ends on 30th June the following year. Normally, auditing tales place in August each year.

7.3.            The Presbytery Annual Conference: Normally, the Conference takes place in September every year.

7.4.            The Presbytery Men’s Fellowship: The Men’s Fellowship Conference also meets once every year.

7.5.            The Presbytery Revival Meeting: All congregations in the Presbytery also meet once every year for this gathering. This meeting usually takes place in December every year.


8.      Concluding Remarks


Generally, the spiritual work is getting on very well despite the economic challenges the entire country is facing. We just want to thank God Almighty for His Presence and Guidance and we further ask for your prayers as well.


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