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4 New Presbyteries for Harare Synod

After some extensive research the Harare Synod Elective Assembly of May 2014 endorsed the proposals from Gweru Presbyteries to split into two Presbyteries to enhance efficiency in operations and annual audit process due to the distances that have to be covered by the audit team each year. The process which was adopted by Gweru Presbytery at its 2013 Assembly saw the birth of Bulawayo Presbytery. The Synod Assemble further encouraged Harare Presbytery to follow suit and during its Extra ordinary Meeting in the month of July paved way to Highfield Presbytery thus Harare and Highfield Presbytery make up the former Harare Presbytery and Gweru and Bulawayo Presbyteries make up the former Gweru Presbytery. Watch this space for more details coming soon on who is who in this new initiative. Let us commit the transition into prayer as the 4 Presbyteries will take off in real terms after the 2013/2014 Audit currently on its way having stated today.




Gweru Presbytery is found mainly from the Central part of Zimbabwe, stretching to the West and the Southern part of the country. It covers the following towns: Chegutu, Kadoma, Kwekwe, Gweru, Bulawayo, Zvishabane, Gwanda, Beitbridge, Hwange and Victoria Falls.


1. The size of the Presbytery.

Gweru Presbytery has 8 congregations namely, Gweru, Bulawayo, Kadoma, Hwange, Kwekwe, Lobengula, Sizinda and Chegutu. Within these congregations, there are 39 prayer points, that is: 8 Mission Stations and 31 prayer houses. These are places where we expect believers or people to gather every Sunday for worship.


In terms of Statistics,(update coming soon)


In the whole of Presbytery, there are 178 Church Elders and 150 Church deacons. These help in the administration of the local prayer houses


2. Pastors and Evangelists:

Update of current Pastoral staff coming soon!


3. The Work

Pastors are not at one prayer house every Sunday, but they have to move from place to place. The other prayer houses where the pastor is not there, the Church Elders are responsible to take care of the worship service. Due to this task given to elders, Pastors do train their elders on regular occasions in order to equip them for such services to the Church.


Ordained Pastors only administer sacraments. They also take pastoral ministry of the Church. Much of the daily activities are visiting and encouraging the weak, the backsliding and the sick. Visiting and comforting the bereaved. Winning souls to Christ is one of the major areas of work.


CCAP is mainly found in towns, mines and farms. But now we have realized that we have a mission in rural areas too. Therefore little by little we are entering the rural areas and the response is very positive.


Welfare of Pastors and Evangelists:

Congregations on their own give Stipend to Pastors and Evangelists on monthly basis. They provide for accommodation and pay for water, electricity, phone and other bills. Some, not all, do help by providing food, clothing and other things. Some are even failing to help and this results to difficulty in the life of workers.



The closure of mines and big companies where most of our members work has caused us great harm. Many have lost their jobs. Those who are left at work, their working hours have been cut off to only two weeks per month, therefore cutting off their salaries again by half. Some of those who lost their jobs have moved out to some other places in search of jobs or otherwise anything for a living. This has displaced most of our members to places where we are not found and some abroad. Thus our statistics is going down.


The above challenge also contributes to the financial crisis we are in. Our main and only financial base or source is the tithing of our members. Our membersí tithing is our financial base. All our congregations have building projects they are undertaking but struggling to complete due to the same cause, that is; church halls and toilets blocks on church sites.


Our congregations cover wider areas of operation. This becomes a challenge even for the pastor to fulfill his duties to a prayer house. For some prayer     houses are 500km away from the main Station where the Pastor resides. To travel such distances one has to take the whole daylight, reaching the final destination while tired and expected to perform well in whatever service to be taken. In some areas there are limited forms of transport, which may also seriously affect the Pastorsí work.


More details coming soon as Presbyteries are holding their AGMs in this month of September 2013. Watch this space for details!



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